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Botanika Bickies - The Every Bickie Box

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What’s a Botanika Biccie? 🌈 

Think biscuit, think cookie but remove all the gluten, dairy and egg!

For those who love a cookie but can’t usually eat them, we’ve got you covered 💚 

Our vegan and delicious cookies are loaded with protein, lower in carbs and don’t contain half the junk a usual cookie does!  

Crunchy and Flavoursome.. one bite will leave you wanting more..🍫 

In this bundle, you will receive 2 of each flavour that we have released so far: 

2 x 60G Choc Chip Botanika Bickie
2 x 60G Choc Choc Boom Botanika Bickie
2 x 60G Birthday Cake Botanika Bickie
2 x 60G Lemon Poppyseed Botanika Bickie
2 x 60G PB&J Botanika Bickie
2 x 60G Ginger Crunch Botanika Bickie

Customer Reviews

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Jacqueline Radcliffe
A must try for newbies!

I just received my first box and I'm currently eating one of the lemon 🍋 and poppyseed flavoured biscuits - OMG! Delicious! This biscuit is crunchy, sweet, tart and filling as a snack. I'm so excited to try the other flavours. 😍

Chris Chandler
Everything you could want in a box of cookies

Amazing range of cookies in the box, all of them delicious.