Botanika Blends Ambassador Program!


Dive into the lush universe of Botanika Blends, where each product is a symphony of nature's finest ingredients. Do our blends enchant your taste buds? Does the alchemy of nature and nutrition speak to your soul? If you’ve ever felt the call to share this wonder with others, we've crafted a special realm just for you.


The Botanika Blends Ambassador Program is not just a title, but a journey. A place where your passion becomes our shared story, and where each creation you share adds a sprinkle of magik to our growing community. Step in, and let's brew brilliance together. This Program is the golden ticket to a more involved journey with us.


To become an ambassador for our brand, it's very straightforward. All you need to do is share your love for our products on your social media by sending us your best video creations (recipes, etc.) and photos featuring our products. In return, we offer you discount vouchers on our products.  Everything is explained on this page.

🔮 Step 1: The Wizard's Call

Channel your passion for Botanika Blends through your own crystal ball (Instagram). In return, our wizard will bless you with magikal discounts. We offer three distinct spells, each providing varying levels of discounts depending on the chosen option.

🎩 Step 2: The Engagement Spell

  • Spell 1: Create 1 video and 1 photo  = Magikal 20% Discount sitewide
  • Spell 2: Create 2 videos and 1 photo = Enchanted 25%  Discount sitewide
  • Spell 3: Create 3 videos and 2 photos  = Extraordinary 30%  Discount sitewide

🔎 Step 3: Secrets from the Botanika Labv

  • Supreme Quality: Your photos and videos should shine like our examples: 

🎥 Enchanted Visuals: Video Examples:

📸 Mystikal Snapshots: Photo Examples:

  • Magikal Pact: Sign our image rights document, allowing us to showcase your magik everywhere (document sent by email).
  • Speak with Enchantment: Praise our products as a wizard would his spellbook.
  • The Sharing Sphere: Upload your creations to our magikal Drive so we can share them far and wide (link sent by email).

🎁 Step 4: Your Alchemical Reward

Once you've sealed the image rights document with your signature, conjured your content onto your Instagram, and have magically transported your video and image files to our Drive, we shall dispatch your enchanted discount voucher to you.

💬 Step 5: The Next Incantation

Ready to join the circle? Pick the spell that suits you best and get in touch. Any questions? Our in-house wizard is all ears.

Send in your application or any questions to

Together, let's blend the best of both worlds! 🍀🌟